"What the **** am I gonna do with my life?!"

It’s the question that brought you here, and it’s the question that made us climb inside a mechanically questionable giant green RV so we could figure out what to do with our futures. Sound crazy? Maybe. But the idea behind Roadtrip Nation was pretty simple: if you don’t know what to do with your life, go out and talk to people who do what they love and ask them how they got where they are.

And that’s exactly what we did. As recent college grads who were feeling pressure to find the "right" career, we threw out everything we knew and took a road trip across the country to interview people who wake up every day and don’t want to call in sick. People who’ve rejected expectations and listened to themselves. People like potters, NASA engineers, MMA reporters, entrepreneurs, Supreme Court Justices, and beyond.

Now, fourteen years later, we’ve talked to over a thousand individuals - all in hopes of figuring out this thing called life. We’ve distilled their advice into our TV series, books, and educational resources. Our goal? To empower you to live a life doing what matters to you.

Give us an overview of what it looks like to do a Roadtrip with Roadtrip Nation.

Every year as part of our documentary TV series, Roadtrip Nation selects 3 people to travel in our Green RV and interview people who do what they love for a living. For 6 weeks, our Roadtrippers explore city and wilderness, eat gas station snacks of dubious nutritional value, and seek the guidance they need to move forward. It’s a crazy life-changing experience that’ll awaken you to the expanse of possibilities in this world - and yourself. Plus, you get to learn how to park a 38-foot RV!

How does someone get to be on one of your Roadtrips?

We seek genuine, curious individuals who are hungry to try new things, experience foreign places, and entertain different life philosophies - all on camera. If you don't like epic journeys or snacking on gummy bears whilst driving, then this trip isn’t for you. However, if you’re into exploring the country like some sort of modern-day explorer and meeting passionate people who can help inform your future, then check out our Roadtrip hub page. We offer different Roadtrips each year, often centered around a specific theme like design, science, sports, and more. Applications vary, but trips are always free!

For those who aren't able to go on the roadtrip what are other ways they can define their own road?

Just because can’t (or don’t want to) live on an RV for 6 weeks doesn’t mean you can’t have the same self-discovery experience of a road trip. Over the years, we’ve built tools that replicate the process of being on the road. Our new book, Roadmap , takes the advice of thousands of individuals we’ve talked to and boils it down into a step-by-step process you can use for finding your own fulfilling livelihood. Whether you’re a panicking recent grad or an antsy career changer, we’ll help you identify your passions - then show you how to realize them. More of a watcher than a reader? We also have a video archive that houses every single interview we’ve ever conducted on the road. From video game designers to writers, attorneys to chocolatiers, see how others found their way, then find yours.

What are the best parts of going on a Roadtrip Nation trip?

You mean besides being able to travel the country, skydive over landmarks, and Instagram a ridiculous amount of food pics that’ll make your friends jealous? Those are all brag-worthy surface perks, but the true value of a Roadtrip Nation Roadtrip lies in the internal growth that happens when you climb out of the cocoon and expose yourself to new experiences and ways of thinking.

Out there on the road, free from daily routine and distracting Netflix binges, you get to explore who you really are and who you want to be. What’s more, you get to sit down face-to-face with people who prove that it’s possible to lead a life tailored to your interests and values. Whether you’re not sure where to go in life or you have some idea, this road trip is chance to chip away at the marble that is your life and start sculpting what you want to see.

What are the biggest challenges?

RVs are our chariots of discovery, our homes away from home - but unlike stationary homes, they lack things like walls. Privacy is a little hard to come by, and there’s no room for, say, ballroom dancing. But 38-feet is more than enough space for a glow stick dance party! And there are, of course, the essentials needed to sustain life: a bathroom, kitchen, beds, Star Wars dashboard bobble heads, etc. We’ll admit finding New York City parking for a giant green RV can be an ordeal, but we always find a spot. Plus, we always manage to elicit a look of shock and awe from a few New Yorkers - which is a proud achievement, considering it’s city where residents have seen pretty much everything!

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