Could you give us a quick overview of what an Executive Assistant does?

An Executive Assistant is responsible for managing their boss's calendar, booking travel and any other tasks related to making their business and sometimes-personal life run smoothly. In a nutshell, an EA is their number two and somewhat of a mother or father hen to the insanity that is their life!

What kind of person would make a good Executive Assistant?

My boss has told me that he often appreciates my calmness during stressful situations. As unseemly as this may sound, I think it's important to be in tune with the energy of your Manager. Find out what is important to them and make those things important to you. The three C's: Calm, collected and composed. Having all three of these elements in any sort of position is extremely beneficial.

How does someone become an Executive Assistant?

Anyone from a variety of assistant type positions can be an EA. It's definitely important to come from a background close to the industry of the company you are interviewing with. If you hold the values and experience an Executive is looking for, there is always a chance you will be hired. I worked as an Administrative Assistant and Content Writer before becoming the EA at GumGum.

What is the pay like?

This depends on what you are your Manager agree upon but it's always best to look at what the competitive salaries are in your city as well as your industry.

What are the best parts of being an Executive Assistant?

The most rewarding part of being an EA for myself is seeing some of the anxiety disappear from my bosses lives. Executives especially have the weight of the company on their shoulders and it can be extremely demanding. It's in my nature to want to make things uncomplicated and peaceful for the people I care about so this position has taught me to do that within a business setting.

What are the biggest challenges in being an Executive Assistant?

The biggest challenge within my position is not always having the answer or solution to a problem. An EA is the person their Executive turns to for almost everything. They expect the world and we of course want to give that to them wrapped in a silver bow but sometimes that just does not happen. Mistakes are also something else I think every EA dreads but over time you learn you are only human and mistakes are part of learning. I'm very lucky my bosses are patient and understanding.

Any other helpful resources or links on this topic?

The best advice comes from people who have been in your shoes. I read blogs on how to be the best EA before starting my job!