Image credit: Sisilia Piring


Hi I'm Rachel and been a Southern California baby my life whole. I'm editor of a blog called That's Chic and also started a YouTube channel October 2014. Creating content is my specialty - I did content production for a huge online shoe retailer and learned so much there. Before that, I was designing menswear denim - so I guess I've tried dabbling a little into everything.

Why did you decide to become a fashion blogger?

I started blogging in highschool... when I was super bored and needed a creative outlet. I'm still always looking for creative outlets! 

How does someone become a successful fashion blogger?

Having a super clear sense of self really helps. People can tell when you're trying to fabricate a lifestyle that isn't really yours. We follow bloggers because we're interested in their lifestyle. Making sure you stay consistent with posting, images, and your mood is a good start to creating a brand for yourself. Also being active in the community you're trying to be apart of. Collaborate with people. If you're vision is good enough, people with a big following are always down to help. STAY HUMBLE. OMG NO ONE WANTS TO WORK WITH AN ENTITLED PERSON. Ever. Even brands approach me and are super entitled for me to blog about them. Like, no one wants that bullshit in their life. No matter what side of the team you're on.

What are the costs to start a fashion blog?

  Time! It is sooo much work. People have no idea. The editing, correspondence, planning, shooting, producing. It's a lot of work. You're essentially making a small online publication but it all becomes clockwork after a while.

What is the pay like?

It's hard to say how much someone makes - it's the same story as anyone working in the freelance creative industry. Some projects can rake in $500 - $30,000 based on the scope of the work and the amount of influence you have - social currency is a super real thing! Money comes in through product integration into your platform (video, instagram, blog), advertisement space, or long-term partnerships. There's so many ways to make money because you have a platform to do it. It's just a matter of how valuable your vision, demographic, and style is. 

What are the best parts of being a fashion blogger?

Working on your own time, living your life and documenting it (which is something I love doing regardless) - but getting to have a more editorial stance on it is really cool. I don't like to over glorify my life, but I love trying to capture the rawness of it, and things that have more of a production value, I like the challenge of making sure the voice is authentic.

What are the biggest challenges in being a fashion blogger?

Trying not to follow the noise and subscribing to what's popular. You need to remind yourself that you are you. There are times I find myself falling in this trap of following the trends - anything to seem relevant. You lose yourself.

Best advice you've ever received?

Fuck it

Any other helpful resources or links on this topic?

All my resources are completely unblog related. I'm just looking at design books and new/old indie fashion magazines all day to stay inspired. I guess find things that inspire you because that helps create your vision.

photos by: Sisilia Piring